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Chelsea standings
England : Premier League MP W D L G +/- P
1 Manchester City 38 28 5 5 94:33 61 89 L D W W W ?
2 Arsenal 38 26 6 6 88:43 45 84 W L L W W ?
3 Manchester United 38 23 6 9 58:43 15 75 W W W W L ?
4 Newcastle 38 19 14 5 68:33 35 71 D D W D L ?
5 Liverpool 38 19 10 9 75:47 28 67 D D W W W ?
6 Brighton 38 18 8 12 72:53 19 62 L D W L W ?
7 Aston Villa 38 18 7 13 51:46 5 61 W D W L L ?
8 Tottenham 38 18 6 14 70:63 7 60 W L L W L
9 Brentford 38 15 14 9 58:46 12 59 W W W L W
10 Fulham 38 15 7 16 55:53 2 52 L D W W L
11 Crystal Palace 38 11 12 15 40:49 -9 45 D D W L W
12 Chelsea 38 11 11 16 38:47 -9 44 D L L D W
13 Wolves 38 11 8 19 31:58 -27 41 L D L W L
14 West Ham 38 11 7 20 42:55 -13 40 L W L W L
15 Bournemouth 38 11 6 21 37:71 -34 39 L L L L W
16 Nottingham Forest 38 9 11 18 38:68 -30 38 D W D W L
17 Everton 38 8 12 18 34:57 -23 36 W D L W D
18 Leicester 38 9 7 22 51:68 -17 34 W D L L D ?
19 Leeds 38 7 10 21 48:78 -30 31 L L D L L ?
20 Southampton 38 6 7 25 36:73 -37 25 D L L L L ?

Chelsea is third in the Premier League championship standings with five titles. All five of these titles were achieved after the club was sold in 2003. In addition to good planning, the effect of financial support on club success is noticeable. In 2022, the club was sold again depending on global developments. Among all these developments, the club has also achieved success in the European arena. They took their success to the next level by becoming two-time Champions League champions in 2012 and 2021. However, this season, the team under Graham Potter remained far from the top with twenty-one points after fourteen games.

English Premier League

How to buy Premier League tickets?

Premier League match tickets are primarily sold through the clubs' official ticket sales services. Some clubs also have ticket sales services from ticket offices or by calling.

Can you buy Premier League tickets without being a member?

It is possible to buy a match ticket in the Premier League without joining the membership of the relevant club. However, clubs primarily offer match tickets to their members. For this reason, it is not sure whether tickets will be sold to non-members for each match. Therefore, in order not to be faced with the situation of not being able to buy tickets, you can safely and comfortably buy tickets to the matches you are interested in via Seatpin.

How to attend a Premier League match?

Those who want to watch the Premier League match at the stadium must have a personalized printed or electronic ticket.

Can you resell Premier League tickets?

Premier League tickets can be resold, provided they are made according to the rules. Tickets are usually sold through the services offered by the clubs. In this way, it tries to prevent illegal situations. Legal action will be taken against people who do not comply with the rules.

Is reselling football tickets illegal?

It is illegal to sell match tickets illegally. For resale, clubs offer supporters services under ticket exchange or ticket sales.

Can I give my football ticket to someone else?

You can give your match ticket to someone else. Before giving the match ticket to someone else, the rules taken by the clubs in this regard should be examined. It should be taken into account that each club may have extra requests in this regard.


Chelsea Tickets

How to buy Chelsea tickets?

Chelsea club match tickets can be purchased easily and securely via Seatpin. It is sufficient to follow the steps given below after logging in to the page for purchasing tickets:

  • By typing Chelsea in the search field, the matches the club will play and for which tickets are available for sale are listed.
  • Then click on buy ticket for the desired match.
  • The ticket selection at the desired location is performed on the open page. In addition, it is possible to check the location of the match tickets from the list or via the stadium image.
  • After checking the ticket details, the delivery part is made.
  • A Seatpin account is required for secure transactions. If not, a free user account is created with only name-surname, e-mail, and password information.
  • Since the tickets are in the form of e-tickets, they will be sent directly to the e-mail account without the need for a delivery address.
  • After entering the billing address, payment information is entered.
  • After the payment is confirmed, the match ticket is delivered without delay.

Where to buy Chelsea tickets?

Chelsea home and away tickets are sold on the club's official website. Everyone except season ticket holders must purchase tickets. Buying tickets on the official website is not always possible, as fans with memberships have the right to buy tickets early. Seatpin, on the other hand, provides secure match ticket sales service over the internet to prevent this situation.

Do you need to be a member to buy Chelsea tickets?

Buying match tickets for The Blues is possible without purchasing a membership. However, fans who have memberships have earlier access to match tickets. For this reason, it is necessary to wait and follow the presentation of tickets available for general sale to purchase match tickets without membership registration and from the club's official page.

How to get Chelsea tickets without being a member?

Chelsea club offers ticket sales service to fans via the tickets page. It is possible to buy tickets when there are tickets available for general sale from the relevant page. You can also buy match tickets via Seatpin without needing a club membership.

How to get tickets for Chelsea away matches?

Tickets for the Chelsea club's away games are also sold on the tickets page. However, away tickets on the official site are only sold to club members and season ticket holders.

How much are Chelsea tickets?

Tickets for matches played by Chelsea at Stamford Bridge are sold for an average of £60. The match's category and the seat's location affect the ticket price.


What is a season ticket?

By purchasing a season ticket, you can book a place at the stadium for the whole season without the hassle of repeatedly buying tickets for all league and cup matches that Chelsea will play at home.

How to buy a season ticket?

Season tickets for Chelsea club are sold on the official website. However, all 2022-2023 season tickets are sold out. Season tickets for this season have been sold for between £595 and £900.

How much do season tickets cost?

Season tickets for Chelsea cost at least £1100. These prices vary according to the position of the seat and the campaigns.


How does Chelsea membership work?

By purchasing an official membership within The Blues, the club is supported, and the official member registration proves the support of the club. In addition, fans who purchase an official membership will have various opportunities in return. Campaigns such as early access to match tickets and discounts in stores are examples of opportunities provided.

What are the Chelsea membership types?

Chelsea offers adult, child, and youth fans different membership types. All membership types available for adults are entirely sold out. Only the membership type determined as global membership can be purchased. More information on the mentioned memberships is available at Chelsea Membership.

How many tickets can you buy as a Chelsea member?

When you officially become a member of The Blues, one ticket can be purchased initially from the tickets offered for sale per membership, regardless of the membership type. Two extra tickets per membership can then be purchased in the following week.

Do Kids Need to Be Members Too?

Children are not required to become official members. In addition, membership types are offered for different age groups for those who want to introduce children to Chelsea early.

How Much is the Chelsea membership?

Chelsea fan membership is currently only sold as a global membership for adults. The fee for this membership type is set at £32, and membership packages for children and teenagers range from £25 to £35.


Stamford Bridge 

Stamford Bridge, which hosts Chelsea's games, was built to host more than forty thousand spectators. Apart from football matches, it also hosted matches in various sports such as cricket, rugby, and baseball. According to the statement made by the club's new owners, it has been stated that revision and renovation processes will be carried out in the stadium.

Why is it called Stamford Bridge?

The stadium's name is derived from the word "samfordesbridgge," meaning bridge over a sandy passage. Bridges in the area of ​​Stanford Creek in past years are said to have affected this. The stadium is even referred to as "The Bridge" among fans.

Where are the best seats in Stamford Bridge?

Emirates Stadium was built based on a modern design. Accordingly, the field vision of every seat in the stadium is at a reasonable level. Especially since families with children prefer the seats in the east stand, the noise here is less. It is stated that the seats in the West Stand have the best seats in terms of viewing pleasure. Chelsea has ardent supporters at the Matthew Harding Stand behind the goal. Those who will watch the match here should support the team without being silent during the whole match.

How do I get to Stamford Bridge on match day?

It is possible to arrive at Stamford Bridge on match day by car, taxi, or bike. Reservation is required for parking as there is limited parking space around the stadium. For those who want to have a different experience, transportation to the stadium is also provided by a riverboat.

How early should you get to Stamford Bridge?

Arriving early on match days at Stamford Bridge is recommended to avoid crowds. You must arrive at the stadium at least one hour before the match's kick-off.

Do you need an ID to get into Stamford Bridge?

Yes, The Blues fans are required to carry an ID or a surrogate to enter Stamford Bridge.

Do you need a Covid pass at Stamford Bridge?

No, a covid card is not required to enter Stamford Bridge. However, it is recommended that the fans wear masks, especially in closed areas, to protect their and other fans' health.

Can you drink alcohol at Stamford Bridge?

Yes, you can consume alcohol in Stamford Bridge. However, it is forbidden to bring alcohol from outside into the stadium. Instead, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks or food are bought from the kiosks in the stadium.

Can you smoke in Stamford Bridge?

No, you cannot smoke in Stamford Bridge. In addition, the use of electronic cigarettes is also prohibited in Stamford Bridge because Stamford Bridge is included in the smoke-free category.

Can you bring a backpack to Stamford Bridge?

Yes, you can bring a backpack to Stamford Bridge. However, the bag size should not exceed A4 or 30 cm × 20 cm × 10 cm. Otherwise, the bag will not be brought into the stadium.

Does Stamford Bridge have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is available at Stamford Bridge.