Aston Villa has been fighting in the highest-level league in England for one hundred and nine years. This situation is the second-longest time for any football team in England. It has been in the Premier League for twenty-eight seasons and has a very successful graphic in this field. The club, which has been away from the Premier League for only three seasons, is among the most successful teams in English football. Former Arsenal manager Unai Emery took over the manager position of Aston Villa on 1 November 2022. The team playing two games in Emery's method made a good start by winning both. However, in the 2023-2024 season, The Villans continue to struggle in the middle ranks, taking the twelfth place at the end of fifteen games.


English Premier League

How to buy Premier League tickets?

It is possible to access the match tickets of the clubs in the Premier League from the ticket sales sections of the official websites of the teams.

Can you buy Premier League tickets without being a member?

It is possible to buy Premier League match tickets without being a member of the teams. But clubs give priority to their members in purchasing tickets. For this reason, buying a ticket without being a member becomes a complicated process. However, in this case, fans can easily purchase tickets via Seatpin without being club members.

How to attend a Premier League match?

Fans must purchase tickets to gain entry to a Premier League match. In addition, it is impossible to watch a stadium match without a game ticket.

Can you resell Premier League tickets?

You can resell Premier League tickets. However, you must resale your match ticket under conditions permitted by clubs. Clubs often offer ticket sales services, allowing their fans to sell match tickets they cannot attend.

Is reselling football tickets illegal?

It is illegal to sell match tickets illegally. There are strict measures regarding game-of-sale tickets on the black market. A method that will cause this situation should not be used. Seatpin can is a safe option to resell the game ticket.

Can I give my football ticket to someone else?

You can give your match ticket to someone else.


Aston Villa Tickets

How to buy Aston Villa tickets?

Aston Villa tickets can be purchased securely on Seatpin. After logging into the site, you can purchase match tickets by following the steps below:

  • All club matches are listed by typing "Aston Villa" in the search field.
  • Then click on buy ticket for the game you want to watch.
  • The game ticket at the desired location is selected on the open page, either from the list or the stadium image.
  • After checking the ticket details, proceed to the delivery part.
  • If there is no Seatpin account, an account is created free of charge with name, surname, e-mail, and password information.
  • Since the tickets are in the form of e-tickets, a separate delivery address is not required.
  • After entering the billing address, the payment information is entered and made.
  • After the payment is confirmed, the match ticket is delivered without delay.

Where to buy Aston Villa tickets?

Season ticket holders need not purchase tickets again for Aston Villa's home matches at Villa Park. Fans who do not hold season tickets can purchase tickets from the club's official website to purchase tickets. Apart from that, it is possible to buy tickets via Seatpin. This way, you can purchase tickets without needing a club membership.

Do you need to be a member to buy Aston Villa tickets?

No official membership is required to purchase Aston Villa tickets. However, fans who become club members by purchasing official membership have earlier access to match tickets. It is necessary to wait for tickets for general sales for buying tickets through the club's ticket sales service without official membership

How to get Aston Villa tickets without being a member?

In the case of general sale tickets for The Lions games, it is possible to purchase tickets on the home tickets page. In addition to the club's official page, it is possible to buy tickets without being a club member via Seatpin.

How to get tickets for Aston Villa away matches?

Villa's away tickets are also sold on the away tickets page. However, it should be noted that tickets for away matches currently on sale are only available for club members and season ticket holders.

How much are Aston Villa tickets?

Aston Villa's home matches sell for an average of £51. However, this amount varies depending on the location of the ticket.


What is a season ticket?

By purchasing a season ticket, you can watch all league and cup matches that AFVC will play at home in the stadium. In addition, fans who buy season tickets do not have to worry about purchasing tickets for these matches again during the season.

How to buy a season ticket?

Season tickets for the Aston Villa club are sold on the club's official website. However, as all season tickets for the 2023-2024 season are sold out, it is impossible to carry out this process.

How much do season tickets cost?

Season tickets for The Lions range from £531 to £752. These prices vary according to the position of the seat and the campaigns.


How does Aston Villa membership work?

The Villians supporter is taken a step further by becoming an official member. In addition, the club offers its fans, who are official members, various advantages, such as the right to pre-purchase match tickets and a personalized member card.

What are the Aston Villa membership types?

Villa offers seven different membership types for its fans who want to join the club. The Aston Villa Membership page should be visited to learn about the unique advantages of each membership type.

How many tickets can you buy as an Aston Villa member?

Fans official members of Aston Villa can purchase one ticket per membership, regardless of the membership type.

Do Kids Need to Be Members Too?

Children do not need to be official members. However, they need to be a member to benefit from different advantages, such as the right to participate in various events on match days.

How Much is the Aston Villa membership?

Aston Villa fan membership prices vary according to the packages. Currently, Bordeaux membership is available for £40, and Bordeaux lite membership is for £30. In addition, membership programs for children and women's teams have different prices. It can be checked on the official membership page.


Villa Park 

The stadium, which has been the home of Aston Villa since 1897, stands out as a stadium with a long history in this respect. In addition, having hosted more than fifty-five FA CUP semi-finals is another feature that distinguishes it from other stadiums. In the past, the stadium has also hosted bicycle tours and athletics organizations and provided a versatile use. It was announced by the club's CEO, Christian Purslow, that in the next two to ten years, the stadium's capacity will be increased, and renovation works will be carried out for the stadium.

Why is it called Villa Park?

The stadium was formerly known as Aston Lower Grounds. In particular, the expression "lower grounds" in this expression was considered condescending. However, according to sources, the expression "Villa Park" used in an article in the Birmingham Daily Mail dated September 1897 was seen as the more acceptable name by the fans. Since then, the stadium has been known as Villa Park.

Where are the best seats in Villa Park?

The best seats to watch a game in Villa Park are in the Trinity Street Grandstand. This tribune stands out as the most up-to-date structure of the stadium. More passionate and loyal fans of Aston Villa are in The Holte End. Fans who buy tickets here can better feel the atmosphere of the stadium.

How do I get to Villa Park on match day?

It is possible to come to Villa Park by car, taxi, or public transport on the match day. It is also possible to reach the stadium on foot, about a ten-minute walk from many stations. The stadium is 3.5 km / 2.2 miles from Birmingham city center and is accessible by bike. Those arriving by car must make a parking reservation.

How early should you get to Villa Park?

It is recommended to come to Villa Park as much as possible from the match. Forty-five minutes before kick-off, the team goes out to warm up. So it would be best if you arrived early to witness this moment.

Do you need an ID to get into Villa Park?

Yes, the Aston Villa club requires its fans to bring an ID or a substitute document to enter Villa Park.

Do you need a Covid pass at Villa Park?

No, there is no need for a Covid pass at Villa Park as the Covid-19 restrictions in the UK have been lifted. However, wearing a mask in crowded areas is recommended to spend time safely on the match day.

Can you drink alcohol at Villa Park?

Yes, you can consume alcohol at Villa Park. However, you cannot bring alcohol with you when entering the stadium. However, fans who want to drink alcohol can meet their needs from the kiosks in the stadium.

Can you smoke in Villa Park?

No, you cannot smoke in Villa Park. However, as Villa Park is defined as a smoke-free area, tobacco products or electronic cigarettes are prohibited.

Can you bring a backpack to Villa Park?

Yes, you can bring one backpack to Villa Park. However, the club does not recommend getting bags into the stadium. Fans who are required to bring bags must not exceed the size of an A4.

Does Villa Park have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi service is available at Villa Park.