Frequently Asked Questions


How can I buy tickets?

Just select the category and block that suits you on the relevant event page and follow the directions after completing the delivery steps.

How will my ticket be sent?

The submission of your tickets varies according to the types (e-ticket, paper ticket, passolig, mobile ticket). The ticket you bought
• If the e-ticket is sent to your e-mail address,
• If the paper ticket is sent to your address,
• Mobile ticket is defined on your mobile phone.
• Passolig ticket is defined on your ID or passport number.
The security and confidentiality of all these processes are protected by relevant laws and 256-bit security certificate.

When will I receive the e-ticket I bought?

The tickets you purchase are directly uploaded to the Ticketing system by the sellers, checked and delivered to you by e-mail.

When will the paper ticket I bought arrive?

The paper tickets you purchase are sent directly to you by the bill of lading formed by the Ticketing and UPS system.

When will I receive the mobile ticket I bought?

The tickets you purchase are transferred directly to the relevant membership by the sellers.

When will I receive my Passolig ticket?

The tickets you purchase are directly identified by the sellers to your Passolig memberships. The transfer system must be open for ticket identification. The transfer system is usually opened no later than 2 days before the match.

Can I buy more than one ticket from my own account?

Of course. You can buy as many tickets as you want through one account.

Why are there different prices?

Sellers are free to request the price they want for their ticket. *** Ticket prices vary according to the seat's position in the stadium.

Are there any discounts on the price?

No. Ticketing, which does not have the right to intervene in the prices, approves the announcements by staying at the prices determined by the sellers.

Are the tickets and transactions sold on the site legal?

Yes. All tickets on the site are legal and are offered to buyers through legal methods.

What should I do if I have problems buying a ticket or need help with anything?

You can get quick support to Ticket Customer Services via mail ([email protected]) or with the support button on your member profile.

Is there a refund?

Yes. We guarantee 100% money back when the event is canceled.

Can I return after purchases?

No. There is no refund process for the ticket you purchased. However, if you wish, you can open an ad to sell your ticket.

I bought the wrong ticket. Can I make changes?

If you have purchased a wrong ticket, you should contact customer service. For exchange transactions, our customer representative will contact the seller on your behalf and return to you for the ticket that suits you best. *
* Prices may vary


How safe is it to sell tickets through Seatpin?

All your personal data and payment information are protected by the privacy law. Your payment is under the guarantee of Seatpin.

What should I do if I list my ticket for sale or need help with anything?

You can get quick support to Ticket Customer Services via mail ([email protected]) or with the support button on your member profile.

I have listed for my tickets but it does not appear on the event page What should I do?

After creating your ticket sales announcement, the approval process begins. Your listing is published after your tickets are approved. For the approval process, the customer representative can contact you by email or phone. This process may require some information and usually results in a maximum of 2 hours.

My ticket was sold. How should I send the ticket?

Instructions required to send the ticket you have sold; You can see it by clicking Submit Tickets in the relevant transaction from the Sellings tab.

I sent my ticket. When will I get paid?

Payments are sent based on the bank account information in your profile on the first payment date after the event date. Two different dates in a month are determined as payment days.

I gave up selling my ticket, what should I do?

You must stop your relevant listing immediately on the Listings tab. If sold, a penalty is applied for each ticket you cannot send.