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Everton standings
England : Premier League MP W D L G +/- P
1 Manchester City 38 28 5 5 94:33 61 89 L D W W W ?
2 Arsenal 38 26 6 6 88:43 45 84 W L L W W ?
3 Manchester United 38 23 6 9 58:43 15 75 W W W W L ?
4 Newcastle 38 19 14 5 68:33 35 71 D D W D L ?
5 Liverpool 38 19 10 9 75:47 28 67 D D W W W ?
6 Brighton 38 18 8 12 72:53 19 62 L D W L W ?
7 Aston Villa 38 18 7 13 51:46 5 61 W D W L L ?
8 Tottenham 38 18 6 14 70:63 7 60 W L L W L
9 Brentford 38 15 14 9 58:46 12 59 W W W L W
10 Fulham 38 15 7 16 55:53 2 52 L D W W L
11 Crystal Palace 38 11 12 15 40:49 -9 45 D D W L W
12 Chelsea 38 11 11 16 38:47 -9 44 D L L D W
13 Wolves 38 11 8 19 31:58 -27 41 L D L W L
14 West Ham 38 11 7 20 42:55 -13 40 L W L W L
15 Bournemouth 38 11 6 21 37:71 -34 39 L L L L W
16 Nottingham Forest 38 9 11 18 38:68 -30 38 D W D W L
17 Everton 38 8 12 18 34:57 -23 36 W D L W D
18 Leicester 38 9 7 22 51:68 -17 34 W D L L D ?
19 Leeds 38 7 10 21 48:78 -30 31 L L D L L ?
20 Southampton 38 6 7 25 36:73 -37 25 D L L L L ?

Everton has been in the top league in England, including the Premier League, for one hundred and twenty consecutive seasons. Despite such a deep-rooted history, they have not yet won a championship in the Premier League. In the First Division, the top league before the Premier League was established, they became champions nine times. Although The Toffees is far from these achievements today, it is a good club with the successes they have achieved in the past. For about a year, legendary football player Frank Lampard has been managing the team's coaching duties. This season, The Blues, in the seventeenth place with fourteen points at the end of the fifteen games, draws a graph beyond expectations.


English Premier League

How to buy Premier League tickets?

Teams in the Premier League often sell their club's match tickets on their official websites. Some clubs also sell tickets from the ticket office or by search, as well as the official website.

Can you buy Premier League tickets without being a member?

You do not need to be a member of the respective club to purchase tickets for Premier League matches. But, of course, club members have the right to buy tickets earlier. If you do not have a relevant club membership, you can purchase Premier League match tickets quickly and safely through Seatpin.

How to attend a Premier League match?

A ticket is required to attend a Premier League match. It is impossible to enter the stadium without a match ticket.

Can you resell Premier League tickets?

You can resell Premier League match tickets. However, before the resale transaction, the clubs' rules on the relevant subject should be examined.

Is reselling football tickets illegal?

It is not illegal to resell football tickets. However, any resale transaction made outside the methods specified by the clubs is unlawful.

Can I give my football ticket to someone else?

You can give your purchased match ticket to someone else. However, the club's rules should still be consulted before providing the game ticket for the match to someone else. For example, giving game tickets to someone else may have been stopped for some matches.


Everton Tickets

How to buy Everton tickets?

You can buy Everton match tickets quickly and safely using Seatpin. After opening the page to make the purchase, it is sufficient to follow the steps below to purchase the match ticket:

  • At first, the matches whose tickets are open for sale are listed by typing "Everton" in the search field.
  • Then click on "buy tickets" next to the desired match.
  • The position of all available seats is displayed on the page that opens. The seat position is selected from the list there or the stadium image.
  • After checking the ticket details, proceed to the delivery part.
  • Before purchasing a ticket, Seatpin account information must be entered if not entered beforehand. If there is no Seatpin account, an account is created free of charge with name, surname, e-mail, and password information.
  • Tickets are produced in the form of e-tickets. For this reason, the delivery address is not required.
  • Payment information is entered together with the billing address, and the payment is made.
  • After the payment is confirmed, the match ticket is delivered without delay.

Where to buy Everton tickets?

Everton tickets are sold through the club's official ticketing service. In addition to the official ticket sales service, it is possible to purchase tickets for The People's Club via Seatpin.

Where to buy Everton tickets?

Everton tickets are primarily sold through the club's official ticketing service. However, buying tickets for The Foxes via Seatpin outside the official ticket sales service is also possible. Club membership is not required to purchase tickets via Seatpin.

Do you need to be a member to buy Everton tickets?

Club membership is not required to purchase tickets to The School of Science's matches. However, it should also be known that club members have an extra advantage in this regard. In other words, club members have priority in purchasing tickets.

How to get Everton tickets without being a member?

To purchase Everton tickets on general sale without membership, visit the club's buy tickets section. More detailed information about tickets can get from the latest area. Viewers who do not want to waste time with these can buy tickets quickly via Seatpin.

How to get tickets for Everton away matches?

Tickets for The Blues' away matches are similarly sold on the buy tickets page.

How much are Everton tickets?

Everton club classifies matches as Category 1 and Category 2. Matches in Category 1 are sold for £50, and matches in Category 2 are sold for £40.


What is a season ticket?

It is the type of ticket that gives access to the games hosted by Everton at Goodison Park throughout the season. In this way, tickets are not purchased separately for each match day.

How to buy a season ticket?

Everton club sells season tickets through the club's official website. More detailed information is available on the season tickets page.

How much do season tickets cost?

Season tickets for The Foxes have been closed for the 2022-2023 season. However, season tickets have been sold for this season, starting at around £410.


How does Everton membership work?

Club membership is a program in which special privileges are obtained by paying per person. Fans with an Everton club membership will have several benefits, such as early access to match tickets and a welcome gift package.

What are the Everton membership types?

Memberships within The Toffees are divided according to different age groups. There is also an international membership package as an extra. It is possible to obtain more information about these membership packages from the official membership page.

How many tickets can you buy as an Everton member?

Members of The People's Club may purchase only one ticket per match. However, it should be reminded that they have the right to buy tickets with higher priority.

Do Kids Need to Be Members Too?

Children do not need to be official members. There are separate packages for infants, children, and teenagers. Each box also has different gifts and benefits for the relevant age group.

How Much is the Everton membership?

The Blues sells its official membership package to adult fans at £35. It is priced at £10 for infants and £20 for child and youth membership types.


Goodison Park 

With a history of one hundred and thirty years, Goodison Park is used for the matches of the Everton club. However, contrary to its competitors, it has less capacity with its capacity to host approximately forty thousand people. For this reason, the club has realized a new stadium plan. Construction of the new stadium is expected to be completed in 2024.

Why is it called Goodison Park?

The stadium and its surrounding campuses, built on Goodison Road in Liverpool, take their name from its location. The name of this road comes from the civil engineer George Goodison.

Where are the best seats in Goodison Park?

The best seats at The Grand Old Lady are those in the position designated as category 1. The Goodison Road Stand and The Sir Philip Carter Park Stand, also known as the Stanley Park End, include the best view.

How do I get to Goodison Park on match day?

Goodison Park is accessible on game day by car or public transport. It is not recommended to come by car as there is limited parking space. Since there are shuttle buses from the city center and stations near the stadium, it is most convenient to come to the stadium by public transport.

How early should you get to Goodison Park?

Arriving at Goodison Park at least 1 hour before the game will be sufficient for ticket controls.

Do you need an ID to get into Goodison Park?

Yes, The Blues require their fans to bring their ID or an identity document when they want to enter Goodison Park on game day.

Do you need a Covid pass at Goodison Park?

No, due to updated Covid-19 rules in the UK, a Covid card is not required to enter Goodison Park.

Can you drink alcohol at Goodison Park?

Yes, you can consume alcohol in Goodison Park. However, it is forbidden to bring alcohol from outside. For this reason, fans who want to drink alcohol should only obtain it from the kiosks inside the stadium.

Can you smoke in Goodison Park?

No, you cannot smoke in Goodison Park. Smoking is also prohibited in any event held inside the stadium outside match day.

Can you bring a backpack to Goodison Park?

It is forbidden to bring any bags into Goodison Park on game day. Since there is no safety deposit box in the stadium, bags will not be stored in any way.

Does Goodison Park have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is available at Goodison Park.