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Liverpool standings
England : Premier League MP W D L G +/- P
1 Manchester City 38 28 5 5 94:33 61 89 L D W W W ?
2 Arsenal 38 26 6 6 88:43 45 84 W L L W W ?
3 Manchester United 38 23 6 9 58:43 15 75 W W W W L ?
4 Newcastle 38 19 14 5 68:33 35 71 D D W D L ?
5 Liverpool 38 19 10 9 75:47 28 67 D D W W W ?
6 Brighton 38 18 8 12 72:53 19 62 L D W L W ?
7 Aston Villa 38 18 7 13 51:46 5 61 W D W L L ?
8 Tottenham 38 18 6 14 70:63 7 60 W L L W L
9 Brentford 38 15 14 9 58:46 12 59 W W W L W
10 Fulham 38 15 7 16 55:53 2 52 L D W W L
11 Crystal Palace 38 11 12 15 40:49 -9 45 D D W L W
12 Chelsea 38 11 11 16 38:47 -9 44 D L L D W
13 Wolves 38 11 8 19 31:58 -27 41 L D L W L
14 West Ham 38 11 7 20 42:55 -13 40 L W L W L
15 Bournemouth 38 11 6 21 37:71 -34 39 L L L L W
16 Nottingham Forest 38 9 11 18 38:68 -30 38 D W D W L
17 Everton 38 8 12 18 34:57 -23 36 W D L W D
18 Leicester 38 9 7 22 51:68 -17 34 W D L L D ?
19 Leeds 38 7 10 21 48:78 -30 31 L L D L L ?
20 Southampton 38 6 7 25 36:73 -37 25 D L L L L ?

Liverpool has been champion only once, with the championship they won in the 2019-2020 season since the day it was founded. However, this statistic does not show this elite club as unsuccessful. They have been champions eighteen times in the first league, considered the highest level played in football before the Premier League. Liverpool has a unique history, with numerous successes both in the domestic league and internationally. For this season, the situation has been a little behind expectations. They are sixth in league with only 22 points after fourteen games this season.


English Premier League

How to buy Premier League tickets?

Clubs in the Premier League sell their match tickets on their official websites. In addition, it is possible to buy tickets from each club's official ticket sales page.

Can you buy Premier League tickets without being a member?

Premier League match tickets can be purchased without being included in the team's official membership packages. However, fans with an official membership can buy the match tickets in advance. In this case, it is possible to buy Premier League tickets through Seatpin in order not to be without a ticket.

How to attend a Premier League match?

Purchasing a match ticket provides entry to the Premier League match. Otherwise, spectators without a match ticket cannot enter the stadium on the match day.

Can you resell Premier League tickets?

Premier League tickets may only be redeemed if they are made following the resale rules. Generally, clubs offer services that allow fans to resell.

Is reselling football tickets illegal?

It is illegal to sell match tickets by any illegal means.

Can I give my football ticket to someone else?

In case of any situation where you cannot attend the match, the match ticket can be given to someone else. It is necessary to act by the rules set by the clubs in this regard.


Liverpool Tickets

How to buy Liverpool tickets?

Buying Liverpool tickets quickly and safely from the Seatpin page is possible. For this, after entering the site, following the steps below is sufficient to purchase match tickets:

  • By typing "Liverpool" in the search field, all the club for sale matches is listed.
  • Then click on buy ticket next to the match you want to watch.
  • The seat position is selected from the open page list or the stadium image.
  • After checking the ticket details, proceed to the delivery part.
  • If there is no Seatpin account, a free account is created with name-surname, e-mail, and password information.
  • Since the tickets are e-tickets, there is no need for a different delivery address.
  • After entering the billing address, the payment information is entered, and the payment is made.
  • After the payment is confirmed, the match ticket is delivered without delay.

Where to buy Liverpool tickets?

Liverpool tickets are sold through the club's official ticketing service. However, season ticket holders do not need to purchase tickets for matches played at Anfield as Liverpool host. Apart from the official site, tickets can also be purchased via Seatpin. This way, buying tickets without being a club member becomes possible.

Do you need to be a member to buy Liverpool tickets?

Official membership is not required to purchase on-sale tickets for The Reds' matches. However, fans with official memberships have an advantage in this regard. For this reason, buying tickets without an official membership, viewers have to wait for tickets to be available for general sale. On Seatpin, you can buy tickets without a club membership and without waiting for the general sale.

How to get Liverpool tickets without being a member?

Without having a club membership, it is possible to buy Liverpool tickets on the match tickets and hospitality page, where there are tickets for general sale.

How to get tickets for Liverpool away matches?

The Reds' away tickets are usually offered to fans who have a season ticket or are registered with a club membership. The club may sometimes have away grandstand tickets available for general sale. It is also possible to buy these tickets from the match tickets and hospitality page.

How much are Liverpool tickets?

Tickets for Liverpool's home matches range from £37 to £59. Also, at the main stand upper, tickets in certain areas are more affordable at £9.


What is a season ticket?

Fans who buy season tickets can watch Liverpool's matches at Anfield without having to repurchase tickets. This way, there is no need to struggle repeatedly every week to buy match tickets.

How to buy a season ticket?

Season tickets for the Liverpool club are sold on the club's official website.

How much do season tickets cost?

Season tickets for The Reds, valid for the 2022-2023 season, are available for prices ranging from £685 to £858.


How does Liverpool membership work?

Membership packages are offered to fans to allow fans to take their Liverpool fandom to the next level by supporting the club. In this way, while financial resources are provided to the club, the fans also have various privileges. The most important of these privileges is the right of early access to match tickets.

What are the Liverpool membership types?

It offers different membership types for The Reds fans. Adults have three official membership types: Full, Light, and International. There are also membership types for children, from newborns to young people. The Liverpool Membership page should be visited to learn about the unique advantages of each membership type.

How many tickets can you buy as a Liverpool member?

Once you are officially a United member, one ticket can be purchased per membership, regardless of the membership type. The club also provides the right to purchase four tickets during the same transaction.

Do Kids Need to Be Members Too?

Children do not need to be official members. However, there are also official membership types for children. In addition, kids are instilled with the love of The Reds with membership packages.

How Much is the Liverpool membership?

Liverpool fan membership is sold in three different versions for adults. Each membership version has different prices depending on its benefits and features. Full membership is sold for £36.99, while a Light membership is sold for £26.99. In addition, the international membership package is sold for £19.99.



Anfield, which provided the foundation of a club, is a stadium with a remarkable history with this feature. This stadium, used initially by Everton club after it was built, was later abandoned due to disagreement. However, the stadium owners continued using the stadium by establishing Liverpool.

Why is it called Anfield?

The stadium takes its name from Anfield, where it was built. This expression combines Old and Middle English words meaning "a field on a slope."

Where are the best seats in Anfield?

The best seats to watch a game at Anfield are in the bleachers or main stands, named after club legend Kenny Dalglish. However, fans who want to experience a whole match atmosphere with the ardent fans of Liverpool should prefer the seats at The Kop.

How do I get to Anfield on match day?

It is possible to arrive at Anfield on matchday by car, taxi, or bike. However, this method is not recommended as there is limited parking space around the stadium on match day. Regarding walking, it is necessary to be prepared when coming to the stadium, which is thirty minutes away from many points. Therefore, the fastest and most convenient way to reach the stadium is to use the bus. You can easily access the stadium after about fifteen minutes from Liverpool city center.

How early should you get to Anfield?

Arriving at Anfield at least 1 hour before will be sufficient for ticket controls. Turnstiles at the stadium entrance open 2 hours before the match. 

Do you need an ID to get into Anfield?

Yes, The Reds want its supporters to bring an ID or a substitute document to enter Anfield.

Do you need a Covid pass at Anfield?

No, a Covid card is not required to enter Anfield due to updated Covid-19 rules in the UK. However, the club recommends wearing masks in crowded and closed areas on match day, and those who show symptoms should not come to the match.

Can you drink alcohol at Anfield?

Yes, you can consume alcohol in Anfield. However, you cannot bring alcohol with you when entering the stadium. However, fans who want to consume alcohol can shop at the kiosks inside the stadium.

Can you smoke in Anfield?

No, you cannot smoke in Anfield. However, as Anfield is defined as a smoke-free area, tobacco products or electronic cigarettes are prohibited.

Can you bring a backpack to Anfield?

You cannot bring any bags to Anfield. Since there is no bag drop-off point in the stadium, the bags with you will not be taken into the stadium in any way

Does Anfield have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is available at Anfield Stadium.