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Nottingham Forest
28 October 2023, Saturday, 17:00 | Anfield Road, Liverpool

The game will be played at Anfield Road Stadium in Liverpool and kick-off at 15:00 on Saturday, 22 April.

This match, which is of different importance for the two red teams, promises an enjoyable ninety minutes to the audience. Beating United 7-0 at home on 5 March, Liverpool lost twice after that match. Especially their 1-0 defeat to Bournemouth on the road disrupted the team's goals. If they continue with the victory, they will be one step closer to obtaining a participation visa for the European Cups, but they are again in the middle-top positions. On the other hand, Nottingham has not seen a win in their last five games. With these results, they remained in fourteenth place with twenty-seven points after twenty-eight games. Although they seem far from the drop line, they can suddenly see themselves in the drop pot if they continue like this. While both sides need an absolute victory on Saturday, which team will reach three points is eagerly awaited.

What is the best way to buy Liverpool – Nottingham Forest tickets?

The best way to buy tickets for the Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest derby is to purchase them through the respective sections on the official websites of both clubs. However, both clubs sell tickets there primarily to fans who have club memberships. For this reason, tickets are selling out fast. Those who want to buy tickets safely without having a club membership can purchase tickets on sale via Seatpin.

How far in advance do Liverpool – Nottingham Forest tickets go on sale?

The sale of tickets in the host stands of Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest has ended. Only hosted tickets are still on sale on the official site. Away tickets on the official site for The Tricky Trees fans are only sold to fans with club memberships.

Can I give my Liverpool – Nottingham Forest ticket to a friend?

Yes, a ticket purchased for the Liverpool v Nottingham Forest match can be given to a friend.

Can I sell my Liverpool – Nottingham Forest ticket to a friend?

Yes, tickets purchased for the Liverpool v Nottingham Forest match can be sold. Season ticket holders or fans with a membership in the club often use the club's official ticket exchange service. Apart from this, the purchased ticket is openly sold through Seatpin.

How much do Liverpool – Nottingham Forest match tickets cost?

Liverpool v Nottingham Forest game ticket prices are changed between £37 and £59. There are also tickets for £9 in the upper stands. However, the sale of these tickets on the official site has been terminated. A game ticket in the away stands at £30 by Nottingham Forest.

How much do Liverpool season tickets cost?

Season tickets, valid for all home matches The Reds will play in the 2022-2023 season, have been sold for between £725 and £869. All season tickets on sale for this season are sold out.

How much do Liverpool single-match tickets cost?

A ticket to a match between Liverpool at Anfield costs an average of £47. The tribune where the seat is located affects the ticket price.

How does Liverpool membership work?

Membership is expressed as an application in which fans receive various advantages by purchasing them. In this way, the club also gains additional financial gain. Fans who purchase one of the membership types are thus entitled to various privileges, such as early access to match tickets and LFCTV GO membership.

What are the Liverpool membership types?

The Reds offers different membership types for adults and children. Adult membership programs are diversified as Full, Light and International. Children's membership is divided into age groups and offered in four different versions. More information on all membership programs can be found on the Membership page.

How many tickets can you buy as a Liverpool member?

Liverpool fans with an official membership can purchase one ticket per game, regardless of the version of their membership.

How can I buy Liverpool tickets without being a member?

Buying match tickets on the official website of Liverpool is possible without being a club member. However, the most important condition here is that the club must have submitted tickets for general sale for the relevant match. Otherwise, it is not possible to purchase tickets without a membership. Seatpin, on the other hand, sells tickets without club membership to prevent the grievances caused by this situation and meet the demands.

Frequently Asked Questions on Anfield Road

Anfield Road was built in 1884 and has been used by different clubs. Arch rival Everton used Anfied until 1892, then moved to the new stadium. Since then, Liverpool has been using the stadium for more than one hundred and thirty years. When the stadium is open for sightseeing other than on match days, it is a structure worth visiting and seeing.

Why is it called Anfield Road?

Unlike many other stadiums, Anfield Road is one of the rare stadiums that continues to be known by its name. Because the stadium's name comes from the region it is located, it was built in the area referred to as Anfield in the Merseyside area of Liverpool. The name Anfield, on the other hand, is a combination of Old and Middle English words meaning "a field on the slope."

Where are the best seats on Anfield Road?

Constructed with the classic four-cornered grandstand arrangement, Anfield has an older design in this respect. Because of this design, each seat's field view differs. Fans who want to choose the seats with the best viewing angle should choose the seats in the Kenny Dalglish Stand, designated as the main stand. Spectators who wish to watch the match with the more ardent Reds fans should purchase tickets for the seats in the Kop Tribune.

How do I get to Anfield Road on match day?

Anfield can be reached by bike, car, taxi or public transport. It is not recommended to come by private vehicle, as there is limited parking space around the stadium. Those who want to reach the stadium on foot should walk about forty minutes from the city centre. For this reason, the most convenient and comfortable way to go to the stadium is provided by public transport.

How early should you get to Anfield Road?

It is sufficient to arrive at Anfield Road forty-five minutes before kick-off. The turnstiles open ninety minutes before the game for fans who want to come earlier. Therefore, fans who arrive early can quickly pass the necessary checks.

Do you need an ID to get into Anfield Road?

Yes, The Reds fans who want to enter Anfield must have an ID or similar document.

Do you need a Covid pass at Anfield Road?

No, a Covid card is not required to enter Anfield Road. However, wearing a mask, especially in closed areas, is recommended to protect from the disease.

Can you drink alcohol at Anfield Road?

Yes, alcoholic beverages can be consumed on Anfield Road. However, it is forbidden to bring alcohol into the stadium from outside and to drink alcohol in the stands. Instead, food and drinks can be purchased from the kiosks in the stadium.

Can you smoke in Anfield Road?

No, smoking is prohibited in Anfield. Since Anfield is a smoke-free area, using electronic cigarettes is also prohibited.

Can you bring a backpack to Anfield Road?

Fans can bring a bag containing their personal belongings to Anfield. However, the dimensions of the pack they get should not exceed the dimensions of an A5. Otherwise, they will not be admitted into the stadium.

Does Anfield Road have WiFi?

Yes, Anfield has WiFi service.