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Manchester City
Leicester City
15 April 2023, Saturday, 17:00 | Etihad Stadium, Manchester

This match between Manchester City and Leicester City is the final battle on the opening day of the 31st week of the Premier League. The Foxes will be guests at Etihad Stadium, home of The Sky Blues. Manchester City v Leicester City will start at 17:30 on Saturday, April 15th.

Man City shocked everyone by drawing with Nottingham on February 18th. This result prevented The Citiziens from reaching the top of the league. They are currently in second place, eight points behind Arsenal. Also, City is missing one match. To become champions at the end of the season, they have to win every game and wait for The Gunners to lose points in the process. In Leicester City, however, things are the other way around. They also have to earn every possible point until the end of the season in order not to be relegated. Otherwise, the lower-ranked teams could suddenly get ahead of The Foxes. However, City is expected to leave this match with an absolute victory. A Man City that hasn't lost at home in a long time will be on the field on Saturday. On Saturday, it will be clear whether the statistics will continue or a shocking result will come.

What is the best way to buy Manchester City - Leicester City tickets?

The best way to buy tickets for the match between Manchester City and Leicester City is to use the official ticket sales services of the clubs. However, it should be noted that there is a risk of non-delivery or invalidation of tickets obtained outside official sales channels. Transactions made through Seatpin provide the necessary security criteria. However, purchased tickets are delivered quickly.

How far in advance do Manchester City - Leicester City tickets go on sale?

The sale of tickets for the fight between Manchester City and Leicester City continues. A limited number of tickets are left on Man City's website. All game tickets in the away stand for The Foxes fans are sold out.

Can I give my Manchester City - Leicester City ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can give the ticket you bought for the Manchester City v Leicester City match directly to a friend. In addition, season ticket holders can transfer their tickets online to a friend or family member via the club's ticket transfer system.

Can I sell my Manchester City - Leicester City ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can sell the ticket you bought for the Manchester City v Leicester City match to a friend via Seatpin. Season ticket holders can sell tickets through the club's ticket exchange service. In addition, fans who bought tickets for a single game can return their match tickets to the club.

How much do Manchester City - Leicester City match tickets cost?

Tickets for Manchester City v Leicester City are on sale. However, the remaining limited ticket prices start from £58. Tickets in the away stand sold for £30. Supporters of both teams can buy tickets more easily via Seatpin.

How much do Manchester City season tickets cost?

Season tickets for the Manchester City club range from £445 to £1450. However, all 2022-2023 season tickets are sold out.

How much do Manchester City single-match tickets cost?

In matches hosted by Manchester City, a single ticket costs an average of £60. However, the prices of the tickets vary according to the seat's location and the match's importance.

How does Manchester City membership work?

Official membership is a program that offers unique benefits for Manchester City fans. You get various uses by purchasing a membership, such as a welcome package or early access to match tickets.

What are the Manchester City membership types?

Manchester City club has three different membership programs. These are available as matchday memberships, regular memberships for adults, and memberships for children. More information about each membership program is available on the official memberships page.

How many tickets can you buy as a Manchester City member?

Manchester City members are entitled to one ticket per game. However, in some matches, this is increased up to three keys. In addition, season ticket holders can purchase two extra tickets.

How can I buy Manchester City tickets without being a member?

Buying Manchester City tickets on the club page is complex without being a member. Because there is a priority sale to club members, tickets for general sale are very rare. For this reason, it is easier to buy match tickets without being a City member via Seatpin.

Frequently Asked Questions on Etihad Stadium

Also known as the City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester City uses the stadium. The stadium started to be built in 1999 with the foundation work. The stadium was opened for use as an athletics stadium in 2002. In August 2003, it began to be used as a football stadium. Apart from football matches, the stadium, used for rugby league matches, box title matches, and music concerts, has a versatile usage opportunity.

Why is it called Etihad Stadium?

By sponsoring Etihad Airways, the United Arab Emirates-based airline company of Manchester City club, it obtained financial resources to renovate the stadium. On the other hand, Etihad Airways acquired the stadium's naming rights with this sponsorship and the jersey sponsorship. In addition, the naming rights of the facilities to be built around the stadium belong to Eithad Airways.

Where are the best seats in Etihad Stadium?

Etihad Stadium is built in a bowl shape rather than the classic four-sided stadium design. In this way, it is aimed that every seat in the stadium has as good a view as possible. But, of course, the places in the Collin Bell and East stands on the two long sides of the court have a better sight.

How do I get to Etihad Stadium on match day?

The Etihad Stadium can be reached by bike, car, or public transport. Fans arriving by car must make a parking reservation before the match. Similarly, fans who come by bicycle should take the necessary safety precautions themselves. Fans who want to walk to the stadium can reach the stadium after a twenty-five-minute walk from the city centre.

How early should you get to Etihad Stadium?

The club recommends entering the Etihad Stadium at least sixty minutes before kick-off. However, for fans who want to come to the stadium earlier, the general entrance gates open two hours before the match.

Do you need an ID to get into Etihad Stadium?

Yes, Manchester City requires their fans to have an ID or a substitute document when they want to enter the Etihad Stadium.

Do you need a Covid pass at Etihad Stadium?

No, according to the new rules, there is no need for a Covid pass when entering the Etihad Stadium. However, wearing a mask in crowded areas is still recommended, and doing the Covid-19 test between 12-24 hours before the match.

Can you drink alcohol at Etihad Stadium?

Yes, alcohol is allowed in the Etihad Stadium. However, it is forbidden to bring alcohol outside the stadium. Also, consuming alcohol on the roads around the stadium is prohibited. However, those over the age of 25 can obtain alcoholic beverages from the kiosks in the stadium.

Can you smoke in Etihad Stadium?

No, you cannot smoke in the Etihad Stadium. The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited, as well as smoking. If those who act against it are caught, they will be removed from the stadium.

Can you bring a backpack to Etihad Stadium?

A handbag for personal items can be brought to the stadium. According to club rules, bags larger than A4 will not be accepted inside the stadium. Bags not taken inside the stadium can be delivered to the bag drop-off point, provided the fee is paid.

Does Etihad Stadium have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is available at Etihad Stadium.