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5 April 2023, Wednesday
Old Trafford, Manchester
Manchester United vs Brentford Tickets
Manchester United vs Brentford

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About The Event

Manchester United will face Brentford on the closing day of the 25th week of the Premier League. The Red Devils and The Bees will be played at Old Trafford. United vs Brentford will start at 13:30 on Sunday, February 26th.

Manchester United's poor performance at the start of the league has been getting better in recent weeks. At the end of twenty-two matches, they had collected forty-three points, placing them in third place. However, they drew 2-2 in the postponement match of the 8th week Leeds match played on February 8th, and they signed a significant surprise result. They could have tied the points with Man City if they hadn't lost points, but they missed the opportunity. On the other hand, rival Brentford continues to perform beyond expectations. They made their fans very happy by winning against tough opponents. However, Brentford also drew against Leeds, at the bottom of the league, like United. There is also a risk that Sunday's match will be postponed due to FA Cup matches. Therefore, viewers should follow the announcements about the new date.


What is the best way to buy Manchester United – Brentford tickets?

It is best to buy tickets for the match between Manchester United and Brentford on the official websites of both clubs. There is a risk that tickets purchased outside the official site will be invalid. However, Seatpin provides reliable transactions for ticket sales and delivery.

How far in advance do Manchester United – Brentford tickets go on sale?

Tickets for Manchester United vs Brentford are still on sale. The limited number of tickets left on Man United's official site. On the other hand, the Bees sell away tickets to fans who meet the necessary conditions.

Can I give my Manchester United – Brentford ticket to a friend?

Yes, giving a Manchester United v Brentford match ticket to a friend is possible. In addition, match tickets can be transmitted using online applications. However, the person who buys the game ticket must also be a ManU fan.

Can I sell my Manchester United – Brentford ticket to a friend?

Yes, those who buy tickets for the Manchester United v Brentford game can sell their match tickets under the conditions allowed by the club. However, those who purchase tickets for a single match can sell tickets through Seatpin.


How much do Manchester United – Brentford match tickets cost?

The remaining limited number of tickets for the Manchester United vs Brentford match on the official site are sold at prices from £150.

How much do Manchester United season tickets cost?

Manchester United sells tickets valid for the 2022-2023 season at prices from £950. However, obtaining season tickets for the remainder of this season is impossible.

How much do Manchester United single-match tickets cost?

It is possible to buy tickets for the home matches of Manchester United for an average of £100. However, various factors, such as the grandstand where the game ticket is located or even its location in the tribune, affect the ticket price.


How does Manchester United membership work?

Red Devils sells a fan program to provide its fans with various advantages. In this way, the club earns financial income. In return, the fans can access multiple opportunities, such as priority access to match tickets and a personalised membership card.

What are the Manchester United membership types?

Three different membership types, Lite, Full and Premium, are offered to Manchester United fans. More information about each subscription version is available on the memberships page.

How many tickets can you buy as a Manchester United member?

Fans with an official membership in Man Utd have the right to purchase only one ticket, regardless of the membership type.

How can I buy Manchester United tickets without being a member?

Those who do not have a Man Utd fan membership can also purchase tickets on the club's website. However, to buy tickets without a club membership, tickets for general sale must be presented. On Seatpin, it is possible to easily purchase tickets without a club membership, without getting stuck in these situations.


Frequently Asked Questions on Old Trafford

Old Trafford is a stadium with a unique atmosphere and history. Many people even call this place the Theater of Dreams. This naming shows how unique the stadium is. This is where an exceptional football player from the past and present first stepped into the football scene or was recognised. Sir Alex Ferguson, who was the team principal of the Red Devils for twenty-seven years, took charge of the team at the stadium.

Why is it called Old Trafford?

The name of the stadium comes from the region where it is located. Old Trafford was built in the area called Old Trafford in the Greater Manchester area. The Trafford area in Greater Manchester has two great halls, old and new. The old expression at the beginning of the stadium's name comes from the fact that the stadium was built on the site of the two older big halls.

Where are the best seats in Old Trafford?

Seats in the South Stand are noted as having the best field view in Old Trafford. This grandstand is also named after one of the legends of the club, Sir Bobby Charlton. However, those who want to experience

How do I get to Old Trafford on match day?

It is possible to arrive at Old Trafford on match day by private car, bicycle or taxi. However, the area around the stadium is overcrowded, especially on match days. For this reason and limited parking space, it is not recommended to come by car. The stadium is most conveniently accessible by bus, train or tram.

How early should you get to Old Trafford?

It is enough to arrive at Old Trafford about an hour before the game. So fans who come early can pass the controls without being affected by the crowd.

Do you need an ID to get into Old Trafford?

Yes, Man Utd fans must have an ID or a valid ID to visit Old Trafford or check in on the game day.

Do you need a Covid pass at Old Trafford?

No, a Covid card is not required to enter Old Trafford. However, since the disease continues, wearing a mask in crowded areas is recommended.

Can you drink alcohol at Old Trafford?

Yes, drinking alcohol is allowed in Old Trafford under specific rules. For example, alcoholic beverages from outside are not allowed into the stadium. For this reason, food and drinks can be purchased from facilities such as the Red Cafe in the stadium.

Can you smoke in Old Trafford?

No, smoking is prohibited in Old Trafford. In addition, electronic cigarettes are not permitted as it is under the scope of Old Trafford's smoke-free zone.

Can you bring a backpack to Old Trafford?

Bags can be brought when entering Old Trafford. However, there should be no prohibited items in the bag. In addition, if the dimensions of the bag exceed 20cm x 15cm x 5cm / 8" x 6" x 2", it will not be taken into the stadium.

Does Old Trafford have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is available at Old Trafford.