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West Ham United
1 October 2022, Saturday, 17:00 | London Olympic Stadium, London

West Ham United will host Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. at home in one of the 9th Week matches in the Premier League. The fight between The Hammers and Wolves will be played on Saturday, October 01 at 17.30. The field where this fight will take place is the London Stadium in London.

Despite starting the season with a heavy transfer expenditure, David Moyes' students are in 18th place in the league with an average difference at the end of the first 6 weeks. Wolverhampton, which is not behind West Ham United in spending money, is in 14th place. According to current statistics, the struggle to get from the lower ranks to the middle ranks seems to be a struggle in the midfield.


What is the best way to buy West Ham United F.C. – Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. tickets?

The best way to buy tickets for the West Ham United v Wolverhampton Wanderers game is to purchase tickets online at the club's official website. In addition, we recommend that you take action considering that tickets purchased outside of official sales channels may not be valid or may never be delivered. Apart from this, it is possible to buy a ticket by phone or by going to the London Stadium if there is a ticket.


How far in advance do West Ham United F.C. – Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. tickets go on sale?

Tickets for the match between West Ham United and Wolverhampton are currently on sale. Fans and season ticket holders who are official members of West Ham United have the opportunity to get their match tickets earlier. A similar situation applies to Wolves fans. Accordingly, away grandstand tickets are currently on sale.


Can I give my West Ham United F.C. – Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can give your ticket to a friend for the West Ham United v Wolverhampton game. To issue the ticket to your friend, he or she must also have a west ham united account.


Can I sell my West Ham United F.C. – Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. ticket to a friend?

Yes, you can sell the ticket you bought for the West Ham United v Wolverhampton game to a friend. However, the most important rule here is that you have to make the sale process only through the official ticket exchange application of the club.


How much do West Ham United F.C. – Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.match tickets cost?

Tickets for the match between West Ham United and Wolverhampton range from £30 to £100. The price difference occurs with the location of the ticket in the stadium and the extra contents.


How much do West Ham United F.C. season tickets cost?

Season tickets for the West Ham United club are available from £299 to £1500.


How much do West Ham United single-match tickets cost?

For matches hosted by West Ham, a single ticket costs an average of £37. However, there will be changes in the amount to be paid depending on the location of the ticket.


How does West Ham United membership work?

The official membership will prove your support of The Burgundy Blues. When you become an official member, you will get various advantages, such as special access to match tickets, a welcome package, and competitions.


What are the West Ham United membership types?

There are three official membership types for West Ham United: Adult, Child, and Newborn. There are also international versions of these membership types. If you want to look at the features of each membership type, you can visit West Ham United's official membership page at Claret Membership.


How many tickets can you buy as a West Ham United member?

If you become an official Irons member, you can get one ticket per membership, regardless of your membership version. In addition, an official membership offers a £5 discount on ticket purchases.


How can I buy West Ham United tickets without being a member?

You can buy tickets for general sales without being a club member. However, we would like to remind you that there is no guarantee to offer tickets for public sale for every match. Accordingly, buying tickets from the online ticket sales service is more effortless.


Frequently Asked Questions on London Stadium

Built to host the 2012 Olympics, this stadium was originally known as the stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, or the Olympic Staydum for short. It is located approximately 10 km (6 miles) east of central London.


Why is it called London Stadium?

West Ham United needed a stadium after the club was later bought in 2010 by new owners David Gold and David Sullivan. The new owners of the club made the stadium the new home of the club after the agreement was made for the use of the facility, which came to naught after the organization of the Olympics. The stadium takes its name from the city where it is located.

Where are the best seats in London Stadium?

The London Stadium is a more standard structure, so most stands provide a good view. Since the Betway West Stand is the main stand, you can get the best view. If you want to mingle with the fans, the West Ham United fans are in the Booby Moore Stand.


How do I get to London Stadium on match day?

On and off match days, you can reach the London Stadium by bike, car, taxi, or public transport. You should plan your journey when you come with your private car or motorbike, considering that closed roads and parking spaces may be a problem. It will take at least 40 minutes to arrive at the stadium using the nearest airport.


How early should you get to London Stadium

Arriving at the London Stadium at least 1 hour before the match will be sufficient for the controls and the facilities inside the stadium. However, the club recommends that the fans arrive at the stadium at least 1.5 hours before the match so they can use the facilities in the stadium more comfortably.


Do you need an I.D. to get into London Stadium?

The Cockney Boys ask their fans to bring an I.D. or proof of I.D. when they visit the London Stadium or on match day.


Do you need a Covid pass at London Stadium?

No, according to the updated rules, you do not need a Covid card to enter the London Stadium. However, since the disease continues, we recommend that you wear a mask inside the stadium and in crowded areas, except for eating and drinking. If possible, you can also be sure you are not at risk by taking a Covid-19 test on the match day. However, you should not participate in the match if you feel uncomfortable with the risks.


Can you drink alcohol at London Stadium?

Yes, you can drink alcohol at the London Stadium. However, it is forbidden to bring alcohol from outside and to drink alcohol around the field according to the law. You cannot consume the alcohol you obtain from the kiosks in the stadium in the stands around the area.


Can you smoke in London Stadium?

No, you cannot smoke in the London Stadium. In addition, you cannot use electronic cigarettes according to the rules of smoke-free airspace.


Can you bring a backpack into London Stadium?

You can bring an A4 bag for your personal belongings on your way to the stadium. However, large bags such as suitcases and sports bags are not accepted in the stadium.


Does London Stadium have Wi-Fi?

Yes, WiFi is available at the London Stadium. British service provider E.E. aims to provide better service to the fans by installing 5G services at the London Stadium.