Best gift ideas for football fans

02 November 2022

Football has different features for audiences of all ages. For a young child, it is fun and noisy content that he watches with his father, while for a young individual, it becomes the central theme of his story, where he begins to socialize and takes his first steps to the stands. Adults see football matches as an activity relieves stress on the weekend after working and supporting their team. At the same time, it becomes a story that contains the passion and history of many years in more mature individuals.

This game, which contains many different themes, has many ways to make its passionate lovers happy. First, the priority is for their team to win every match. Then, afterward, it goes through having a product related to the team. So, what should this product be? This article will try to help you with your choices with various gift suggestions before buying gifts for football fans.

Football Tickets

We are glad to present the unique gift to you first. Of course, buying a match ticket for someone who lives and breathes football is one of the best options. Your close will not forget the game ticket you will buy for a critical match of the team that the person you will buy the gift is a fan of for a long time.

There are several methods available to purchase match tickets. Many clubs in the Premier League sell tickets on their official pages. For this, it will be sufficient to join the membership system. In addition to online ticket sales, clubs can sell tickets by phone or from ticket offices in the stadium. When purchasing tickets outside of official sales channels, you should be careful against the possibility of fraud. If you don't want to deal with these, you can easily buy tickets from Seatpin, which offers more convenient access to many options.

Clothing Advice for Football Lovers

While buying a football-themed gift for your loved one, we have different suggestions besides match tickets. One of them, of course, will be about clothing. There are various gift options in clothing to suit different budgets.

Regarding football-themed gifts for clothing, the team jersey comes to the fore as the first choice. Prices vary according to the plans of the clubs. Conditions such as personalized jerseys and jersey types change the prices. The approximate costs of the jerseys of the five big teams are as follows:

  • Arsenal kits are available from £70. You can purchase it on Arsenal Direct.
  • Chelsea kits are sold for more than £100. You can have these kits at Chelsea Game Store.
  • Liverpool kits are available for around £60. You can buy kits from Liverpool FC Store.
  • Manchester City kits are available from £70. You can check the jerseys at the Manchester City Shop.
  • Manchester United kits are sold for approximately £50. You can take a closer look at United Direct.

It can also be an excellent option to buy legendary jerseys instead of current jerseys. Of course, these may be slightly more costly gift options. For this reason, the team's t-shirts can also be considered an option. Textile products such as football-themed socks, t-shirts, or towels can be examples for those looking for more suitable gifts.

Different Gifts for Football Fans

Football is more than just a sport played by athletes chasing a ball. Then more items than match tickets or jerseys can also be received as gifts. In this section, you can find more different gift ideas.

  • Book: Of course, books about football should be at the top of the list. As you read, the passion and commitment to the game will increase, while the ideas and suggestions about the game will change and develop. We recommend The Autobiography of Manchester United legend and world football changer Alex Ferguson.
  • Seating Cushion: We know that football lovers love to watch matches in the stadium. It will be an invaluable gift for those who like to follow other sports competitions on the spot besides football. Thanks to the Seating Cushion, they can watch a more relaxed and comfortable match in the stadium.
  • Game Set: One of your relatives, a football fan, will prefer to watch the match on match days. When you get together with your friends or relatives outside of match days, you can offer them an option to spend time together. You can allow having fun with the three-in-one game set.
  • Earrings: Football fans can't be just men, can they? You can gift beautiful football-themed jewelry to female football followers. For example, a stylish earring can be a good accessory option on match days.

Stationery Set: We haven't forgotten the young football fans either. While football appeals to people of all ages, it would be impossible not to include suggestions for small fans among the gift suggestions. They can have a more enjoyable time thanks to the stationery set they can use during their time at school or while doing homework.

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